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Here you'll find sufficient information regarding technologies, equipment and materials which are used for strapping and packing of industrial produce (such as building, woodworking, metal, cellulose, glass, brick, equipment etc.) and goods preparation for futher transportation.





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Thanks to ability for reversible tension and stickiness, stretch film allows to make reliable group goods fixation on a pallet.

The most important stretch film parameter is preliminary tension value (pre-stretch). It's maximum film tension during wrapping up the pallet.

The more preliminary tension value the less stretch film expenditure per 1 pc. of packing.

Main stretch film types

Thickness, mkm
Width, mm
Length, m Pre-stretch
manual 17, 20, 23
240-300 max 80 %
machine 17, 20, 23
1500-2000 max 200 %
machine-power 17, 20, 23 500 1500-2000 max 300 %

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