About our company
"Unistrap ltd" dynamically works in the market of the strapping
equipment, materials and technologies.
We offer for clients:
  • Steel, PP and PET straps strapping;
  • Materials for maintenance of safety of production and cargoes on a way from the manufacturer up to the consumer (a stretch-film, protective cardboard and plastic corners);
  • Seals and buckles;
  • Simple tools for plastic and steel strapping (tensioners, sealers, combination tools and other);
  • Battery tools COLUMBIA, ORGAPACK (and etc. by client wishes) for plastic strapping;
  • Pneumatic tools COLUMBIA, ORGAPACK for plastic and steel strapping;
  • Semi-automatic and automatic strapping tables and line.

Reliability and guarantees of deliveries before clients, and also
conclusive advantages of work have helped our company will affirm in the market and to gain trust of consumers.
We aspire, that to all our clients equally high service and quality of service would be provided and have been provided:

  • Optimum result for the client;
  • Reliability in partnership;
  • Dynamism and an emphasis on innovative technologies, modern materials and the equipment;
  • The reasonable policy to price.

Company Unistrap Ltd possesses well trained team of the managers who are carrying out departures to potential consumers for demonstration of work of the equipment and carrying out of skilled packing.



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