Steel strap for packaging

Our company is offering both home-produced and imported steel strap. Imported steel strap has bigger tensioning force and as a rule has coating for prevention of metal corrosion.

Home-produced steel strap satisfies the requirement of ГОСТ 3560-73 and ГОСТ 19851-74.

Imported steel strap satisfies the requirement of European Standard EN 10204/93.

Strap Types (always available at stock)

Dimension, mm Tensioning force, kg Notes


imported, black pointed



imported, black pointed

0,7х20 полунагартованная


home-produced, without coating

0,8х20 soft


home-produced, without coating

0,8х32 soft


home-produced, without coating

We have the possibility to supply our customers with any other steel packaging strap dimension with the thickness from 0,3 till 1,5 mm and with the width from 10 till 32 mm. Also, we could provide our clients with high tensile strap and USLM.

The other strap dimension could be supplied to order.

Equipment type is depend on sealing method, thus using steel strap you should decide which one is necessary to be applied: sealles or with the help of special seal.

Equipment МУЛ-17 is recommended for working with home-produced steel strap. МУЛ-20 is recommended for working with the imported pointed steel strap, also you could use special pneumatic equipment (STs, ST-INCA, STT, STP, ST) for packaging with the imported steel strap.

Contact with our experts for receiving full required information, consultation and ordering test packing at your factory.