Packaging polypropylene strap











Packaging polypropylene (PP) strap is one of the widely used packaging materials.

PP strap is applied for goods packing without high loading (for instance, boxes packing, group packing, transport pallets, etc.). Using PP strap is more economical way comparing with the other packaging strapping types.

Dimension, mm Breaking strength, kg Meters per coil
9х0,45 (0,5) 120 4000-5000
12х0,6 150 2500
12х0,8 180 2000
16х0,8 250 1500
19х0,9 400 1000

The other strap dimensions are possible to be supplied.

We're offering European 5 x 0.4 mm strap for automatic machines. Using PP strap with automatic strapping machines allows to reach maximum packing process automation and to exclude human factor at all.

We're offering manual tensioners, combination packaging tools, highly productive battery equipment and semi-automatic machines for working with PP strap.

Depending on equipment different joint types could be applied for working with PP strap: using seals, wire buckles, friction weld sealing, with the help of battery tools or automatic/semi-automatic strapping machines.