High tensile polyester strap








Advantages and application sphere

Specially produced strap for heavy packing load (goods).

PET strap (polyester strap) is more and more often used instead of steel packaging strap (like alternative substitute). PET strap with R350-600N/mm2 (for instance, soft steel strap has 300-350N/mm2) has a number of appreciable advantages:

  • Value. Using PET strap allows to cut packing costs approximately on 20% (comparing with using steel strap).
  • Elastic memory presence. Thanks to high flexibility value, relative lengthen and dynamic memory, continually tension ensures reliable load fixation.
  • PET strap doesn't damage packing goods corners and edges.
  • PET strap keeps mechanical characteristics in the temperature conditions from -30°С till +90°С.
  • Using PET strap allows to increase safety of packing processes.

PET strap is recommended to use instead of steel strap for bricks, saw-timber, building materials, foundry products packing, etc.









Dimension, mmBreaking strength, kgMeters per coil
12х0,6 300 2500
15,5х0,6 360 1800-2000
15,5х0,7 475 1400-1800
15,5х0,76 530 1200-1400
16,0х0,8 580 1200-1400
16,0х0,9 620 1000-1200
19,0х1,0 830 800
25,0х1,0 1050 600

COLUMBIA, ORGAPACK, STRAPEX (DIGIT-LXT, ORT-200, STB-63, ST-POLI HT, etc.) strapping tools are recommended to use for working with PET strap.

We're offering all required materials spectrum, equipment and additional accessories in order you have the possibility to estimate all PET strap advantages comparing with steel strap.


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