Strap choice

When should plastic strap be used (Polypropylene or Polyester)?

You should use plastic strap if following conditions are implemented:

  • Load weight is less than 2 tons.
  • Package temperature is less than 100°С / 110°C.
  • Package surface is flat or round (min diameter is 50 cm)
  • Edges aren't sharp (we don't need protection corners using).
  • Required strap breaking strength is less than 4000 N.

Plastic strap types:

  • POLYPROPYLENE (PP) (usually with strap breaking strength from 50 till 350 kg)
  • POLYESTER (PET) (usually with strap breaking strength from 150 till 1100 kg)
  • Nylon (isn't widely used).

Plastic strap advantages comparing with steel strap:

  • More chipper than steel strap
  • Low costs of delivery
  • Less quantity of rolls are required (with the same length)
  • High strap tension
  • Good resistance to external influence
  • Keeps its tension even during load transportation, displacement, shaking or tightening (high flexibility)
  • Doesn't bring to goods corners / edges damage; low friction
  • Doesn't subject to corrosion, as a result doesn't put rusty spots
  • Even tension distribution along the whole strap length
  • More safe and foolproof than steel strap